Veeam Cloud Connect

Everyone needs a place to store their backups off site. But many organisations don’t have a second site, and rotating tapes or removable media off site is cumbersome. Increasingly, customers are turning to the cloud as a better alternative.

Veeam® is a provider of on-premise backup software that allows you to send your virtual machine backups off site to Redinet’s cloud storage.

Veeam® also makes it easy for you to instantly​ recover files from backups held in Redinet’s secure  UK data centre. Veeam allows you to browse your backups online and restore any files you may need, whether that be a single file or an entire virtual machine.

Veeam® in conjunction with Redinet provides secure, affordable backup for both Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware virtual environments. Redinet complies with the latest ISO27001:2013 accreditation so you know everything we do, every process in our business, is geared to maintaining the security and integrity of our client’s data.

Demand for cloud backup is on the rise, thanks to growing acceptance of hosted solutions, the need for 24×7 access to applications and data, and renewed focus by IT on revenue-generating activities (and the resulting demand for managed backup and other services).

Veeam is the ideal way for you to participate – and succeed – in this fast-growing market.

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