Managed IT Services:

Central London Media Buying Agency: Redinet provide fully outsourced IT Services to this 150 seat organisation at their Central London headquarters. The service comprises of remote helpdesk along with weekly onsite engineer visits, management of all on-premise IT equipment, internet connectivity, IT Strategy and Cloud Services. This customer has been working with us since they were a start up in 2005. We love working with these guys and we’ve helped them through 3 office moves as they have grown in numbers. We get the fast paced, never enough environment and know that they think of Redinet as one of their team.

Commercial and Residential Property Agency: Redinet have provided remote helpdesk services to this 120 seat organisation across 15 sites in Southern England. They don’t have any internal IT staff so rely on us for everything from desktop support to server and infrastructure services. We help them to manage relationships with external application and connectivity suppliers and we host all of their email in our datacentres.  We have developed a huge amount of trust between our two organisations since 2007 which has helped us both to be successful.

National Museum: Redinet provide remote 1st line support, onsite 1st/2nd line support and 3rd line technical support to this museum. They have 700 seats across multiple sites across London and the UK with complex networking and storage requirements. We have been supporting the museum for nearly 20 years and been involved in projects with them such as wireless installations, firewalls, SAN and virtualisation projects.


Advertising and Marketing Agency: Redinet provide managed hosting services and 3rd line technical support for this agency. We host intensive SQL platforms for data warehousing and outbound marketing services. We work with the customer to understand what compute resource their applications need to be able to give them the edge over their competitors and get deeply involved with performance and security metrics. Ultimately this helps them generate profit for their clients.

Independent Hotel Chain: Redinet have been providing hosted email services to this customer for 3 years. They have around 1000 email users and had a requirement for a dedicated setup rather than using a multi-tenancy environment. We built a multi datacentre resilient Microsoft Exchange platform for them with full anti-spam and archiving services. We then worked with them to migrate all mailboxes from an old on-premise Microsoft Exchange environment into our cloud. We look after the infrastructure and let the customer administer the users / distribution groups.


Luxury Hotel Chain: Redinet have been working with this 650 user, 20 site London based hotel chain to provide consultancy and procurement services. This ranges between security across all sites with site to site secure VPNs for failover and disaster recovery, server consolidation, core and edge networking, wireless solutions and telecommunications. We have been working with this customer since 2012 when we implemented a large core network upgrade. The partnership is ever growing and Redinet are becoming more involved in the support of the network.

Hedge Fund: Redinet have been providing IT infrastructure solutions to this London based Hedge Fund since 2008. They have around 50 users, and it is imperative that they had an infrastructure that was always available and redundant. Redinet worked with the client to secure space within a datacentre environment that they could use for fail-over purposes. The client also utilised the Redinet knowledge and partnerships to secure the IT network required to run this system at a resilient level. This comprised a new HP blade infrastructure across both sites, redundant networking using HP Procurve, HP 3PAR storage, and VMware for consolidation. The client continues to invest in the hardware via Redinet.