Supported and Managed IT

Redinet offer a 24×7 Service Desk, helping you to support users and infrastructure. Our friendly, professional and talented team can help from the smallest of desktop problems, right up to a more critical infrastructure issue. It doesn’t matter whether the infrastructure is all in your office locations, all in the Cloud or a hybrid of the two, we can monitor and support it.


The Redinet cloud means you get what you want, not what a cloud provider wants you to have. Totally customised solutions, scalable when and where you need them to be. Do you need a lot of computing power but little data storage? That’s not a problem. Or perhaps you need lots of application storage but not much compute? We’ve got that covered.

Internet Connectivity & Hosted VOIP

The days of procuring your mobile, landline, IT support and connectivity services from individual providers are long gone. It’s common knowledge that customers would rather work with a single provider that fully understands their business needs, and how your business works. One provider for mobility management, Unified Communications, managed network services and cloud data services providing one point of responsibility, one customer service and one bill; giving them more time to focus on their own core business activities.

Cyber Security

The techniques and level of sophistication used by hackers and online criminals are rapidly increasing; having the right processes in place to protect your business is vital to ensure that your own, and your customer’s, data is safe.

The easiest way to deal with a cyber attack is to be prepared. At Redinet, we have both the experience and knowledge of the ever expanding industry to ensure that you can be confident that your data is safe. We use a variety of methods, from penetration testing to providing top tier anti virus software.